We collect your used cooking oil
We collect your
used cooking oil
Discover why 100.000 companies choose Quatra.
Is your blue barrel of used cooking oil full? Quatra will be passing by quickly and ensures sustainable processing.

✔ We pay for your used cooking oil
✔ Service within 48 hours
✔ Free barrels
✔ Free service

Quatra collects used cooking oil in a sustainable manner and processes the collected oil into a raw material for the production of 2nd generation bio-diesel (bio-diesel from waste). The used cooking oil is collected with quality material by well-trained drivers.

Quatra is the market leader with over 100,000 customers and is active in London, Blackpool, Liverpool and Greater Manchester. This distribution allows us to serve your catering establishment quickly and efficiently.

We guarantee proper administration and full traceability of the collected fats to meet your legal obligations.
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